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BPSOS has begun providing consultation about immigration and citizenship law. We also have weekly classes to assist limited English proficient individuals with materials for their naturalization test.


  • Apply for naturalization (N-400)

  • Free weekly citizenship class

  • Reapply US green card (LPR)

  • Apply for fee waivers for low-income individuals

  • Provide translation regarding immigration documents

  • Obtain affidavit of single status

  • File the I-130 alien relative petition 

  • Apply for a travel permit for traveling over 6 months out of the US

  • Apply for tourist visa to the US for relatives in Vietnam

  • Remove conditions on green card
    (extend a 2-year conditional green card to a 10-year green card)

  • Obtain vital records of marriage, divorce, birth certificate etc. in the US

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BPSOS xin chân thành cảm ơn các tổ chức và nhà cung cấp này đã giúp đỡ chương trình Quản lý Bệnh mãn tính của chúng tôi:

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